Municipal Court


The Municipal Court is responsible for hearing misdemeanor cases in violation of the city's Code of Ordinances and state statutes under its jurisdiction.

Court Hearings

Municipal Court for the City of Denison is held Wednesdays and Thursdays, beginning at 830am at the Denison City Hall, 500 W Chestnut Street

To enter your plea, please make your appearance during Court office hours within the 15 business days allotted on your citation. Your plea may also be submitted in writing by mail or fax or by your attorney as long as the Court is in receipt of the documentation on or before the date listed on the citation.

If a hearing is required to adequately process your case, the clerks will be happy to assist you in the process and assign a court date to the case and or cases pending against you.

Judge Phillip Shaffer presides over the court.

Please note that Municipal Court is now held at City Hall,
500 W Chestnut Street

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OCA report - March 2018