Fines & Court Costs

Maximum Fine Amounts
The amount of the fine assessed by the court is determined by the facts and circumstances of the case. Mitigating circumstances may lower the fine and aggravating circumstances may increase the fine. The maximum fine amount allowed for:
  • Fire safety, health, zoning, and sanitation ordinance violations are $2,000
  • Most other violations of state law and city ordinances are $500
  • Most traffic violations are $200
  • View fines set by the Judge of the Municipal Court.
Additional Fees
Courts are required by the laws of the State of Texas to collect court costs and fees. Because costs vary for different offenses, check with the court for the amount of costs that will be assessed for the violation, with which you are charged. If you go to trial, you may have to pay the costs of overtime paid to a peace officer spent testifying at trial. If you request a jury trial and are convicted, a $3 jury fee is assessed. If a warrant was served or processed, a $50 warrant fee is also assessed. If you do not pay the whole fine and additional costs within 30 days of the court’s judgment, you must pay an additional $25 late payment fee.

Court costs are only assessed if you are found guilty at a trial, if you plead guilty or nolo contendere, or if you are granted deferred disposition or a driving safety course. If you are found not guilty or the case is dismissed, court costs are not assessed.