Mission Statement

Mission Statement 
The Mission of the Denison Public Library is to provide progressive resources, meeting space, and guidance to the citizens of Denison and Grayson County in their pursuit of life-long learning. 

Vision Statement 
  • The Denison Public Library emphasizes service to those in our community not served by other institutions. [Don’t duplicate efforts.]
  • The Denison Public Library is in the process of expanding the range of its informational and imaginative resources. These include digital, print, video, and audio formats.
  • The Denison Public Library provides guidance in acquiring factual information, new life skills, recreational material, preschool and adult reading skills, computer literacy, and mastery of other technological skills.
  • The Denison Public Library requires skilled and knowledgeable staff to implement the vision of the library.
  • The Denison Public Library seeks to inspire its patrons to learning throughout their lifespan.
  • The Denison Public Library seeks to provide an atmosphere conducive to individual learning and small and large group interaction.