Memorial Tree Program


Since it was established in 1882, the Fairview- Maple Grove Cemetery has been recognized for its natural beauty, with large trees and gently rolling landscape providing a place for quiet refuge and peaceful meditation.

We also have many special and unique monuments that serve to remind us of our heritage. Recognizing the value of the Fairview-Maple Grove Cemetery to our community, the Fairview Cemetery Advisory Board continually strives to maintain and enhance to beauty of the Cemetery.

In the past few years the Fairview-Maple Grove Cemetery has lost many of its large oak and hickory trees due to the drought conditions. While our utmost priority is to maintain the beauty of the cemetery, funds for the preservation of our historic cemetery are minimal beyond the scope of day-to-day maintenance and operation. Fairview-Maple Grove is an active cemetery and revenue is generated by lot sales, burial fees, and other miscellaneous service revenues. These revenues sources, however, are not sufficient to pay the cost of new trees and landscape maintenance.

In the interest of protecting and preserving the integrity and natural beauty of our cemetery, we invite you to participate with us in this new tree and landscaping program. Your contributions will ensure this historic treasure for the benefit of future generations.


MEMORIAL TREE PROGRAM will provide 3 ways to honor the memory of deceased family members and friends while enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of Fairview-Maple Grove Cemetery for the enjoyment of the living.

PLANT A TREE: By making a donation for the amount listed below, a new tree will be planted in Fairview-Maple Grove Cemetery. The staff will assist you with site and species. A memorial plaque can be placed at the base of the tree or in the memorial plaque casing to be placed at Fairview Chapel Garden.

Twin Oaks Nursery (not guaranteed):
30-gallon (2”) Oaks: $150
45-gallon (3”) Oaks: $255

Oakley Tree Nursery (all tree’s fielded grown in Grayson County) (if planted by Nursery, trees guaranteed)
3” to 3 ½” Oaks: $250 (not guaranteed)
3” to 3 ½” Oaks: $400 (if planted by nursery and guaranteed)

** Cedar Mulch average cost $3 per bag, 3 bags per tree required. Tree prices does not include plaques or mulch.

ADOPT-A-TREE: For a minimum of $25 donation, you can be partnered with other families in planting a tree, site and species to be selected by the staff. A memorial plaque can be placed in the casing at Fairview Chapel Garden.

DESIGNATED AREA: Crepe Myrtle section will be placed on the slope of Block 2With this purchase you will receive a brass plate in memory of your loved Same donation arrangements will apply as for the Adopt-a-tree. (minimum of $25 donation)

Twin Oak Nursery (not guaranteed)
15 gallon Crepe Myrtle: $75
30 gallon Crepe Myrtle: $120


A plaque can be placed at the base of the tree at the additional minimal cost of $50 in memory of your loved 1.

A 2” X 4” brass plaque will be placed on the memorial plaque at Fairview Chapel Garden.

Tree or trees will be planted in areas approved by the Fairview Advisory Board and staff. Trees will not be planted by monuments within the cemetery. All trees will be planted along roadways and other designated areas approved by the Advisory Board and staff.

Species of Trees: Red Oak, White Oak, Black Jack Oak, and Pin Oak.

Your donation toward the purchase of a tree is Tax Deductible.

You will receive a written acknowledgment of your donation from the Fairview -Maple Grove Cemetery office.

So, please join us in the beautification of Fairview-Maple Grove Cemetery - part of Denison’s heritage. Your gift in honor of your loved 1 will help to make these improvements happen.

Thank You from the Fairview -Maple Grove Advisory Board and Staff….