T-Bar Softball

 2016 Softball Leagues

Butch Goodman ( Monday)
Start your week off right with this league which is played on Monday nights. This night has no home runs and a home run results in an inning ending out as determined by the coaches. This is a great night to come and meet new people and learn the game of softball. Ages 16 and up.
League offered in the Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter

Mixed Madness (Tuesday)
Tuesday nights are geared for the coed or mixed division. This is a very exciting and fun night as this is a chance to play with your friends and family. Teams can even start with 8 players, though not recommended, and players range from experienced to those who have never played before. Home run limits are determined by the coaches. Ages 16 and up.
League offered in the Spring/Summer/Fall
Mixed Church League (Friday)
You and your church family can join together for an exciting night of softball. You can't get a better fellowship experience playing softball than this. Ages 14 and up.
League offered in the Spring

Mens Church (Friday)
Fellowship, Family and Softball. One of the most relaxing and fun nights of the week. You can gather men from your church or combine with another church to create a great night of softball. Ages 14 and up.
League offered in the Summer.

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