Development Fees

Fee Schedule - Effective August 1, 2017

Permit Item Fee
Site Plan Review (including Austin Avenue, Highway Oriented, and Morton Street Overlays) $150
Master Plat $350
Preliminary Plat $350
Final Plat $350 +
County Filing Fee
Replat $150 + 
County Filing Fee
Minor Plat $350 +
County Filing Fee
Amending Plat $150 +
County Filing Fee
Conveyance Plat $350 +
County Filing Fee
Development Plat $350
Street, alley, or easement abandonment (survey and appraisal at applicant's expense) $225
Variance Request $150
Zone Change (PD) $400
Zone Change (Straight) $300
Annexation $0
Conditional Use Permit $300
Zoning Verification Letter $0
Civil Engineering Plan Review $0
Public Infrastructure Review 3% of value
of improvements

Additional Fee Schedules

  • Permit fee schedule
  • Please note that filing fees are set by Grayson County and subject to change at the County's discretion.